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Mood : Ring :: “Apocalift Go”

mood: rooted in cardiac rhythms beneath stellar canopies c/o @obeygiant


ring: i could feel the hot sunshine, on my back, eye started singin’ to the rhythm of the city noise, in my silver coloured suit and my panama hat, yeah, i had nothin’ to fear, eye had places to go, and eye swear i felt lightnin’ in my bones, well i’m tap-dancing, floatin’ on thin air, high on nothin’, except sweet adrenaline, and eye see somethin’ behind a tree, it’s the Mother of God, got her eyes on me, she says yeah, yeah, yeah…

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should something shake you, and you drop the news, Lord, just keep your dancing shoes, the stars gleam, the moon beams, the skies seem to smile, the breeze flies, a tree sighs, hold tight the vibe is right, feel the heartbeat that’s in the air, rhythm taught me to sparkle anew into the walk of life everywhere, wish time, this time, six million seasons, gotta run, to the sun, and make it alive…

* * *

now playing: “walk of rhythm, dancing apocalift go;” spice girls, ella fitzgerald, golden earring, tv on the radio, m83

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Personified amalgam of 1987, Baltimore, Atlanta, DC, Manhattan, London, Los Angeles and American pop culture. Language artist within a capacity, drummer by passion, Pop savant by preordination, Media Master by dictate of scholastic artisans and scientists, and culture scribe by necessity. I freelance life.

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