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Mood : Ring :: “The Cool Brew”

mood: ears open, eyes wide, tell a scope touring with the mellow yellow tribe c/o @gift.davis

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ring: live those dreams, scheme those schemes, got to hit me with those laser beams, so many places in the world, follow the sun in my silver plane, universal traveler, the piece of gold that flashes on my soul, where did you go, what did you see, underneath the sky, outside the sea, kick those heels three times, and choose to speak…


now playing: “the cool brew (relax playground cinderella);” nicola roberts, frankie goes to hollywood, air, miles davis

OP: 09.08.2016

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Personified amalgam of 1987, Baltimore, Atlanta, DC, Manhattan, London, Los Angeles and American pop culture. Language artist within a capacity, drummer by passion, Pop savant by preordination, Media Master by dictate of scholastic artisans and scientists, and culture scribe by necessity. I freelance life.

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